While the appraiser is not a home inspector, your appraiser will check your home for overall condition, safety, soundness and security issues. Here are some hints and tips in preparing for your appraisal:

Prepare your home as if you were selling it

Remember, you cannot change the location, size (in most instances) and age but, the home can make a positive impression by being clean and well maintained.


Clean & Declutter

Turn on the lights (it's always good when the appraiser can see)

Repair any:

Broken Windows

Cracked Tiles

Missing & Damaged door knobs

Whether you have a friendly dog, a small dog, large dog, any kind of dog, it's always better to put the pet away

Repair/Replace town or worn carpet

Make sure all light switches/outlets have covers

Update Fixtures

Freshen up faded paint

Have your interior and exterior, PHOTO READY

Clean debris from the yard, front and back

Mow and trim, trim bush and hedges from the home

Sweep the driveway and sidewalk

Check the siding/paint for damage/peeling

Check for cracked/missing bricks/mortar

Check for damaged gutters, growth in gutters, or siding.



What's the best way to make sure the appraiser is aware of any upgrades: WRITE IT DOWN. You can always email the appraiser later but if you write it down and hand it to the appraiser, they can look it over prior to the inspection and be aware of it during the physical inspection of the property. It is never a good idea to follow the appraiser through the home discussing upgrades, this can be very distracting.

Any upgrades to the property should be listed with the date of the upgrade. On this list, remember to put any neighborhood amenities. Most of the time the appraiser will know about the subdivision amenities; however, it's always good to note them along with: Parks, playgrounds, historical areas, or anything unique that makes your neighborhood stand-out.

Remember, keep the look, feel and condition of your property as cared for and updated as you possibly can. There are three parts to an appraisal, the physical inspection can take anywhere from 30 – 45 min. for an average sized home. The general appearance of your home is important. Remember, appraisers are trained to be fair in their inspections, but it is up to YOU, the homeowner, to present your home, your asset, in the best possible light